Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pie Oh Pie

In a world where all food seems to be fast and dull such as Big tac with cheese and I'll have a wotsit thingee sub? That kind of lunch is for wimps! Refreshing to see the revival of the pie yesterday in Higherford Mill! With  complements of Karen on the left here in vibrant turquoise.

The room went pop with energy as she came through with the velvety masterpiece, but you see it was "cake Friday" so the table is always full enough to give any artist Big eyes!

Rog came up trumps bringing in the most sophisticated pleasure to add to the menu


Personally, I've come to the end of a slow cooked canvas so this pie so round and satisfying to the mouth and then a coffee and cake round up was just the mini celebration one needed.

Below.. the latest "River Bank"

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