Thursday, 19 April 2012

No Hat, a no go!

I regret to say I am still without a Hat, that is a hat image from the party over a week ago. Peeps in places have found this a challenge so we wait, and I'll come back to it! Although it's no coincidence that when I was there A great time was had and my Easter hat and choc eggs went down a treat!


In a months time the charming Dean Clough Galleries will be hosting my solo show in the Seminar Gallery space of resent works. I went along yesterday with my friend John B, to meet the curator Vic Allen and also to catch up with lovely Doug (Binder)

Vic made an entrance with a kind of tap dancing do and I new right then that we would be friends!

Vic and I

Doug was on good form as you can see from my face and it was great to see the John and Doug catch up, they go way back

We had a great day and of course fit in a spot of tea and cake, so take a trip out and visit the gallery there are all sorts of treasures to be seen or make a date for the 26th May for my preview,times to be confirmed. Below to old gimmers (there words not mine!)

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