Monday, 5 March 2012

Last weeks London trip

I have got to own up that I was a bit nervous about going to London last week as I was to be on Jenny Runacre's radio show, I was going over and over in my head what she would ask me and kept getting in a muddle. But you know she was a delight and Sandra and I had a lovely time and between us I think we put across what my work was about. Below with Jenny looking like the Witches of Eastwick.

Before all that, Sandra met me at the Tate (as she was doing a tour) and let me into the Kusama show as she knew I would enjoy it, funny as I've always enjoyed her work starting from the 60's happenings on Alice in Wonderland and also want to be her, now I don't mean live in a mental hospital (as she now does) but just be as fabulous in the outfit and hair department.

This lady now in her 80's is mad on dots her work always suggests a surreal quality creating a dreamlike world, from fabric phalli shoes to boats and the list goes on to pasta covered suitcases, enough to make you dotty!

I wandered around the show and was told no photography, but when I walked in the Alice style living room I couldn't help myself, I had to take a quick shot of the table although the flash took away the darkness, but it was better than me taking a seat as it was sooo tempting!

Well then I couldn't stop!
The Infinity mirror room, you can just see me.

Fun with the spotted balls.

And to finish of my super trip I only bumped into the best (in my eyes) Picasso that he ever painted, what luck!

The end of the week was spent in East Sussex at the Desmond's house sorting my work for my first show in Londow next week.

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