Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Body Clothed In Art

I had a wonderful time at the Chelsea Arts club last week, the Body Clothed in Art fashion show and auction went down a storm! Sandra Higgins had worked her socks off for this event but as you can see her work paid off!

Peeps viewing the canvas' before the show started, mine is the one just in front of the gents hands!

St, Sam and Steve before the show, Steve bought mine!

Brian and Anji, thanks to Brian we have the Brill pictures!

Hair...Make up
 and it's nearly time Aaaarh

Behind the scenes, Catherine was sooo busy

Moi in Vivienne Westwood

Getting ready with Sandra

So on with the show!
Ella looked amazing and wowed the crowd with her good looks and wit

Sir Bob having fun at the front, infact I went in for the hard sell later and told him to have a feel of the dashing velvet coat I had on, he laughed but didn't perr chace...but it was a fashion frenzy at that time so I think he just missed out!

Here I am all wrapped up, you can't see from there but I am in a frenzy myself looking for the planted pipe.
Off WE GO!
and with a puff of my bubble pipe I opened the show!

Anji working it, and below Florence looking super in the green

The fashion show ended in style with Sandra in the top hat.

It was brilliant and with the auction of the small canvas' too, the evening raised a fantastic £40K

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