Monday, 19 September 2011

Last week

The work went well last week, I was straight back in after my holiday like a duck to water, as sometimes it can take days to get the connection back. I think it was all down to my new paint suit that I collected in Brighton (been after one for some time now, Santa didn't bring last December) so here I am in my new Death Roe.

Friday I went to a performance by Laura Mugridge called "Running on Air" a fantastic comedy show in her camper van in a car park in Newton (Lancs) called for a swift pint first at the Parkers arms and then for a full hour and a half of Laura's camper stories with biscuit barrel drums and driving with paper plates, I cannot go into how good it was, but look out for her show at a festival near you, below the yellow camper, I am soo jealous of.

Next, making a lobster hat for HAT

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