Monday, 12 September 2011

Brighton Break

The studio technician and I went away for a week, I love Brighton, people dress like me down there, well so I thought, I haven't been there for quite a few years, and I did get a few points and stares  of my vintage colour chaos outfits, but you know that just made it more fun for me! Below when Montee and I arrived at the beach

Funny who we bumped into on the beach, Paul Hartley can you believe?

I'm guessing now that you can tell the weather was windy? Well it was a backlash from the tornado in America, the gusts were so strong a man had to help me into my hotel (after my third attempt) my clothes  blew up like balloons which made it hard to walk, so I looked up he just grabbed me opened the door and pushed me in, WELL FUNNY, tad embarrassing?

Me in the wind, pointing at the pier were my favourite Ghost Train is, can you believe they wouldn't let dogs on and thew the Montee and me off! Charming!

Saw some public art, looks like a giant doughnut to me, or maybe we could smell some?

All in all we had a good week, lots of nice veggi places, were the ladies made a big fuss of the bearded one and gave him treats and water, stayed with Anita and Steve one night and met George for the 1st time and even had lunch with Simon, who's a train stop away. Also I picked up a lovely lobster, but will show you that when I put together something special next week for the Hat party 28th, but first back to the painting!

Monts, happy chasing pebbles!

Me with what's left of the old pier, though I like the spooky-ness of it now, you should see it at night.

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