Thursday, 6 August 2015

On the Bright Side of Life

This Blog is dedicated to my wonderful friend John Baldwin and his new works that await grand exposer this coming October for his solo show at the famous Chelsea Arts Club, and I went along to the Dukes gallery in Lancaster to have a sneak peak at the first of these colourful works that exist on their own terms, each impressed with its own self-contained reality.

Abstract Expressionism, the defining characteristics of these new works are those of implied energy and   visual drama in a cast of unruly and irrepressible attention that unlocks new ideas, colour is heightened, the palette is extended thus deepening the expressive argument and drawing in paint becomes more assertive.

John's paintings freely admit a range of allusion through shapes which jostle for attention but theses new players now command the colour stage, spilling sensation and the apprehension of time and space into the gallery demanding engagement with their presence.

the dastardly duo above and a cheeky shot of John below

Well done John on a fantastic show and I can't wait to see the rest of these marvellous works in the Autumn!

More works on

And my website has now had a super new look, with up to date images, so please have a view


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