Saturday, 15 June 2013


The weather was divine last Saturday not spits and spots of rain like today, so Montee and me decided to have a lovely walk. We heard about this mysterious floating sculpture with a cinema and beautiful Islamic art designs inside, not far from our little village, we set off on a mini adventure along the Leeds and Liverpool canal and popped on to have a look.

It was most exciting wondering when it would be in view and as we turned the last corner there it was in all it's glory. I could just about hear some kind of sound that brought us near and then it was clear it was an Ark with a house like structure, with a real grass roof!

Montee and I enjoying the video work, something happened inside though, there was such a mix of relief and excitement, I got goose bumps and a funny feeling all over, this had nothing to do with the hot weather and all the sparkley water we'd had on our wander?

A snapshot of the artist Beth Derbyshire (idea and design for the Ark) and Laura Rogers before the Ark was on its way to be packed down until used again?


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