Thursday, 21 February 2013

Home Front

For an elegant indoor experience, try my new Pop-Up studio, double glazed windows super comfy spot in line with the heater and best of all entirely out of the woods with the damp situation, the perfect platform to get swept up in my new work. So yes I have moved in and I'm happy, although it is quite a size smaller and I'm having to shout a lot at the studio technician to get back in his bed as Montee doesn't get all this moving around.

And my new work is coming on just fine, getting a bit obsessed with Sylvia, in fact my studio wall looks like I'm planning a kidnap!

I came across Syliva last week on the internet and found myself in quite a spooky place after hearing the recite, to hear her voice for the first time, especially as I've been looking into her and her life so much was quite the experience. So my fourth painting I've decided I will listen to the audio whilst working on the poem "Daddy", spooky results I hope!


I'm still on with the book!

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