Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Yes I am glad to say Christmas is upon us and I'm nearly ready for it, I've finished my painting (phew) I've wrapped some presents and from now on out I pop, in festive up doos and outfits. I had a week of bugs that nealy threw me off track, but even though I had a face of pain....... I've been making a man with no hair and no tan and it's been good for relieveing my..........tention!  yes I've been helping Santa out for a certain little boy who would like a new blue friend for Christmas

Below "Blue the clown" on the slab

As you can see we're all decked up at our house!

But lucky for us the desingnated time for Blue's pick up is Friday as we've fallen for him bad and might not want him to leave!

The Blue clown before his finnishing hair

So HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone, time for awakening the senses and sharpening the anticipation for what is about to come but look out though for those bubbly bunch of Elfs who might get you under the mistletoe!
                                           HO HO HO

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