Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Working It

The build up to my show last week was a fandango flurry, at times I felt like a doll in a box, although when interviewed I soon warmed to the peeps as they were very kind and appreciated my Halloween build up, dress for success.

Simon and I put up the show, although it took us a while I think we did the best job, we wanted you to be hit by the Witches when you came through the door then taken by the colour of the others soon after.

On a cold All Hallows Eve a party was hosted by Simon W Desmond at Newman St Gallery, he addressed a room of influential people from the world of art and a few of my mates, each well- dressed and sipping on prosecco. It was a night of glitz, the venue was packed by 5.50 and my do didn't start till 6.30.

                                              More Press!!

All our guests rather liked the pictures and Simon and Megan had me working the room and telling clues about the work, below is the article in the independent and Simon and I talking about the Witches, we kind of go off on one at the end but I guess that's what we do, you're not wrong there love!

Independent article

Monicle Radio interview 36:20 in

Spookee false fun the day after, well it was Halloween!

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